Hopeful New Year

Well, can you believe it’s the last day of 2017? Time flies!

I’m thankful for the many opportunities and new experiences God has given me where I’ve got to learn and grow as a person. And thankful for my family and all the friends God has blessed me with who have encouraged me throughout the year.

As we step into the new year, we may feel anxious and uncertain about what tomorrow may bring. Sometimes we feel that we have to figure everything out. But we are reminded in Psalm 23 that He leads us beside still waters. So who’s the active one here? Our Good Shepherd selects the trail and prepares the pasture. And our job is to watch the Shepherd and follow wherever He may be leading us (which may not be what we’ve planned or imagined). Even though God’s ways are beyond us, we can still trust that they are good.

So whatever 2018 may bring, I pray that we will continue to trust in Him and know that He is always there for us.

May you have a blessed new year and may you experience God’s love & peace in the coming year. 🙂 

In His love,


P.S. A song that I’ve learnt recently when I went carolling, hope it encourages you as well!