More than Just a Movie Review

Hello everyone,

Hope your week has been good so far!

I had a really busy week to start with. On Monday I had 3 tests but still had a relatively good day.

Why did I say that? Thank God for another opportunity to share the Gospel with another stranger. We were waiting for the bus and I felt that God prompted me to go and talk to her. We talked while we were waiting for the bus and I also managed to sit next to her (surprisingly the bus was quite empty today, it’s usually packed with high school students rushing to school!)

After asking her about her weekend, she asked me what I did for Mother’s Day. I told her my family and I went to watch God’s Not Dead 2 (since my mum wanted that as her Mother’s Day present).

Wow, who knew this movie can become a good conversation starter about Christianity? After I told her a brief synopsis of the movie. I felt that the Holy Spirit asked me to ask her whether she follows any religion. (I hesitated a bit, because we don’t usually talk about religion when you meet someone for the very first time right?) But I did so anyways. She told me she feels that there is a Creator out there even though she’s a free thinker. I smiled and asked her why she thinks this way. She said, “It would be kinda sad if there wasn’t one.” I nodded. Then she asked me whether I followed a religion. I smiled and told her I was a Christian and why I believe there is a Creator out there. I told her, “To me, it doesn’t make sense if things just happened by chance. For example our DNAs and fingerprints are all different and unique. It only makes sense to me that there is a Creator out there who created it all.” Then we moved on to other general conversations. I didn’t want to pressurised her or make her feel awkward.

Speaking of Creation and God’s Not Dead 2, I was so surprised and delighted when J.Warner Wallace followed me on Twitter just yesterday!!! Ahhhh I’m so excited! ^^ He is a cold-case detective who examines the evidence for a divinely created universe! That’s so cool! Looking forward to read your articles on your website so that I can handle more difficult Q&As in the near future! 🙂

Twitter news!.png

Here’s the movie review that I just published on my blog:…/movie-revie…/

A MUST watch for ALL Christians! Also bring your non-Christian friends! It covers many Q&As about God.

Silence is the enemy of the Truth. I will make Jesus known! ‪#‎GodsNotDead2‬ ‪#‎TheHumanRight‬

“God’s Not Dead inspires believers to not only love the Lord with our hearts and souls, but also with our minds, so that we will always be prepared to give the reason for the hope we have, as it says in 1 Peter 3:15.” – Trevor Bayne, NASCAR Sprint Cup driver and Daytona 500 champion

BTW you don’t need to watch part 1 in order to understand part 2! (Well, I didn’t and I managed to follow the whole story. I might catch up with part 1 when I finished my exams!)

Hope you will enjoy the quotes from the movie. They are very encouraging aren’t they?

Take care & God bless! 🙂

From your “Social Media Evangelist”,

Annalisa ^^




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