Inspirational People

Hello all!

Wow, what a week of inspirational posts! I hoped you enjoyed reading them all! =)

Today I decided to continue writing based on the theme of “Inspiring others”/”God can use you too!”

Let me introduce you to some of the bloggers who I think are very inspiring! 🙂 (Click on their names to visit their blog/ to know more about them!)

  • David Snape What amazes me about David is how he strives to live a normal life despite his Autism. Do check out his blog for some inspirational words!
  • BeautyBeyondBones If you or someone you know is suffering with an eating disorder or on the road to recovery, I invite you to visit this blog where the blogger will share about her experiences on Anorexia and how she found her freedom through Christ. 🙂 Also check out her Resources page:  
  • TheClippedButterfly A humble lady sharing her “tiny revelations from above”. I love your short and sweet posts! (And the drawings as well!!) 🙂 


Nick Vujicic – Evangelist


I’ve been following his Facebook page and Instagram. I love his encouraging and inspiring quotes & testimonies!

What really inspires me about Nick is his determination to keep going and not let his disability to stop him from sharing the Good News!

Here’s the link to read about Nick’s dad’s sharing:

So, the bottom line is this, DON’T let your fears/disability to stop you from sharing your FAITH with the people around you! Remember, God is ALWAYS with you and HE WILL GIVE YOU THE RIGHT WORDS TO SPEAK! Just TRUST and OBEY HIM! =)

Love in Christ,

Annalisa ^^


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