You’re a Difference-Maker {Even When You Don’t Feel Like It} (By Holly Gerth)

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You’re a Difference-Maker {Even When You Don’t Feel Like It} (By Holly Gerth)

God recently called yet another friend of mine to join a nonprofit organization halfway around the world. While I felt excited about her news, when I got home I sat on my back porch and cried.

My confused husband found me and asked, “What’s wrong?” I struggled to explain but finally replied, “Sometimes what I do just doesn’t seem as real as being a missionary or serving people in tangible, face-to-face ways.”

He paused for a moment and then responded, “Faith is believing what you can’t see.” Oh, yes, how quickly I’d forgotten.

We will all have moments when we get to be on the front lines and witness how we make a difference. But we will also have many when we must keep believing without seeing.

When we keep loving that rebellious child even though there’s no sign of change.

When we practice integrity in our workplace even though no one else seems to notice.

When we type words in the quiet in the hopes they will speak to a hurting heart.

Just because we can’t see, touch or even feel something doesn’t make it any less real.

So when we wonder if what we do matters, when it seems like God is calling others to something more important or spiritual, when we wonder if we’re just fooling ourselves into believing this is where we’re supposed to be: we can take heart.

Our invisible God is there with us. He is working through us. And He will use each of us in His own mysterious ways to change the world.

{This post is part of the What’s True About Us series.}


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