My Reflection – Looking Back at How it All Got Started

Wow! I can’t believe this blog has been up and running for exactly 1 month! 🙂

Some of you have been asking, “How did God inspired me to start off this blog?”

Well, I guess now is the perfect time to share about my blogging journey. (So, sit back, relax and grab your popcorn! hehe)

The idea of this blog actually came to me around 3am on Good Friday! I woke up, couldn’t go back to sleep so I decided to pray and read my daily devotion. Then, just like that the idea of creating my own blog came to mind.

Never have I thought of becoming a blogger. I’ve read a lot of good articles from other people’s blogs and I always admire their encouraging, inspirational and relevant articles! I’ve always asked myself, “Where do they get their inspirations from??” It’s only after writing my 1st article that I’ve learnt that everything comes from God, including the content for my blog! Praise God!!! =)

(The ideas just kept flowing, I’m like “God, pls slow down!” [quickly gets out of bed and started scribbling down the inspirations!])

The blog started out with only 2 tabs: “Home” and “About Me“! After reading more tips on WordPress on the”Beginner’s guide to writing your 1st blog” and getting inspirations from other people’s blog, this blog got to where it is today! (Who know’s what new section(s) will be added in the future? Well, only God knows! =) )

God qualifies the call.jpg

Yup, that includes you! 🙂

I’m not tech-savvy myself but I was (and still am) willing to let go and let God take the lead. 🙂 (haha I was wondering how do I invite people to follow my blog. But thanks to David Snape for being the 1st blogger to follow my blog, which led me to search up “How to add a widget” to make it easier for my readers to follow my blog)

So, if God has called you to do something, pls don’t give Him 101 reasons why you CAN’T DO IT! Don’t be like Moses (something I’ve learnt from BSF), giving God excuses why he wasn’t the best person to do the job of leading God’s people out of Egypt into the Promised Land!

“But Moses pleaded with the LORD, “O Lord, I’m not very good with words. I never have been, and I’m not now, even though you have spoken to me. I get tongue-tied, and my words get tangled.” (Exodus 4:10 NLT)

Come on Moses, you were brought up in Egypt and probably received the BEST training at that time compared to everyone else!

One take-home lesson: know that God will prepare and equip you in advance to do His will!

The question is, “Are you ready to say YES to GOD and TRUST AND OBEY HIM???”

God's calling.jpg

Do you believe this? =)

During this blogging journey I have learnt to trust and obey God. When He gave me the idea of translating some of my articles into Chinese, I agreed with God that it was a good idea but asked Him to send the best person to do that job. And yes, God answered my prayer! =) If you haven’t read this post, then I invite you to check it out:

Many of you have thanked me for my timely messages. Well, I want to thank ALL my followers/readers too!! You’ve been such a great blessing to me as well! Your encouraging words and your support is what keeps me going!!!

So far I have 335 350 followers, had visitors both here in Australia and overseas: Canada, India, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States. Looking forward to welcome more visitors in the future! 🙂 (Yay, praise God I have so many new followers since I last drafted this post!!)

Blog Visitors.png

For those of you who are interested, here’s the stats so far…

It’s amazing to see how my blog (only 1 month old) has already brought timely encouragement and comfort to readers all around the world! In particular, a blogger in South Africa has linked one of my articles titled “Q&A – Why does God allow suffering?” to his blog.

Here’s to many more inspirational & encouraging words from God! Can’t wait to see how God can use my blog to touch many more lives and give HIM back all the Glory He deserves! =)

❤ LOL (Lots of Love) from your very grateful blogger,

Annalisa ^^

P.S. Look out for tomorrow’s post! It’s kinda related to today’s post! See you then!! 🙂

Thank You so much!.jpg

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