What does Surrender means to you?


Sometimes, we just need more time to think about things and pray about it or because of other commitments, we need to learn how to prioritise our time wisely! TIME IS VALUABLE, once it’s gone you can never ever buy it back! So, please make good use of the time God has given to each one of us today! And don’t forget to give some back to Him! =)

(If God gives you 24 hours in a day, I’m sure you can give Him back at least 10-15 mins a day for Quiet Time & Prayers, maybe some Praise & Worship as well!) 🙂

Giving up time.jpg

Don’t know how to read the Bible or where to start? Our Daily Journey (ODJ) is the devotion that I’m currently using. I’ve always find the daily devotions very timely, touching on aspects of my journey that I am currently going through. The ODJ link is included via this page: https://journeyfaithhopelove07.wordpress.com/resources/devotions/our-daily-journey-odj/ 

No time to read the Bible, not a problem then listen to an audio devotion. Here’s the link: Our Daily Bread (ODB)

Still prefer a hard copy of the devotion (just like me), then check out: http://odb.org/subscriptions/


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Related song: I Surrender (Hillsong)

Let us come to God and surrender all that is troubling us to our loving Father! He will give us peace that surpasses all understanding! ( Philippians 4:7) 🙂


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