~UPDATE~ God didn’t add another day in your life because…

God didn't add another day

Wow! I just can’t believe how this quote that I posted this morning actually came to life today (literally 5 hours ago)!

So this morning I was taking the bus to uni after meeting my mentor at the Career Mentor Link Breakfast Launch, I met a lady and her aunt who was also heading to the same destination as me. (Let me rewind a bit…)

I offered my seat to another passenger before these ladies got on the bus, but the passenger said she was fine standing up. Anyways, I left the seat empty, soon after the young lady’s aunt took up my seat. 🙂 It wasn’t long until the young lady asked me whether I was a UWA student. I said yes! She asked me, “Where do we get off?” I told her I’ll be getting off at the same stop as them. Soon we had some pretty good conversations during our bus trip. I also gave them a quick tour of UWA (since it was her first time coming to UWA).

I really thank God for the opportunity to meet her & her aunt and we became friends so quickly. (BTW Thursday is usually my day off but I decided to come to uni to finish off some studying/preparation for my next assessment.)

God is an amazing God isn’t He? Just imagine what He can do through you and how YOU can also be a blessing to others around you! 😀


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