Good News!!!

Hi again! I’m so excited when I received the idea from God to translate some of my posts into Chinese. Since I have some friends from China, I thought it would be easier for me to share my blog with them in the language that they felt the most comfortable with.

At first I was like, “This is a good idea God but how do I go about this???” My Chinese skills are average (hence I’m taking a Chinese unit at uni at the moment) so I’m like “God, I don’t think I’m the best person to do this…”

Just a few minutes later, one of the brothers-in-Christ from my church’s mandarin congregation liked my new blog on Facebook. I thought and prayed about it. “Is he the one you (God) have sent to help me out?”

I also just received the translated version of my article Crown of Glory in Chinese!!!荣耀的冠冕/

If you prefer to read in Chinese or have any Chinese friends please share this link with them:中文-chinese-version/

Thank you all for your prayers, encouragement and support in general!! God bless you all! ❤

God answers prayers



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