Seek & Put God First

Hello everybody! It’s been a while since I’ve written my own articles, I’ve been using other sources (which I found interesting & relevant, and hope you do too!) as my substitute. Been busy with assignments and weekly tests! >.< I can’t wait for the study break!!!

Hope everyone had a good weekend! 🙂

I had a pretty full-on weekend filled with church activities.

On Saturday I had the privileged to step in as a substitute Chinese teacher for a beginner’s class. At first I was kinda stressed out not knowing where everything was. It didn’t help that we were missing one table! And also I had 2 new students joining my class for the very 1st time! However I really thank God for giving me wisdom to know how to handle the class. Even though the students felt a bit awkward around me (but who can blame them) but I’m happy that we managed to break the ice quite quickly. During recess I had some pretty good conversations with the students. I’m so glad that I took an Education unit as my broadening unit at uni which definitely helped me prepare for this day. Overall it was a really good experience, I really enjoyed it and found it rewarding! Looking forward to be back soon! (As a bonus I got paid as well! Thank You God!)

Later that night I was also involved with coordinating the worship team for an upcoming church camp. Thank God for a very productive night and for providing us with the musicians that we needed. Can’t wait for the camp itself!!!

On Sunday I was at church from about 10am-5pm. Had a quick worship run-through before the service -> church service -> lunch-> youth group meeting -> worship session with the new pastor -> afternoon tea -> home sweet home.

Even though I had such a long day at church, I wanted to stay on. There’s just something about worshiping God, it’s like God in Heaven is connecting with us humans on Earth. I always enjoyed worship sessions, can’t wait for the 45 mins worship session at the upcoming church camp! =)

After church I was supposed to finish preparing for my group assignment which is due the next day but I was super exhausted. I’ll talk more about the group assignment below. I’m also very thankful for God’s help!

This was the most challenging group I’ve worked with so far at uni.(Communication-wise) (I was able to schedule meet-ups before handing in the actual assignment itself with my previous group members. They all came on time and well-prepared to every group meetings. Maybe it’s because I have an all-guys group this time round.) Last week I’ve been trying very hard to communicate with each one of them. It was good that about half of my team members responded to my e-mails. I managed to form a Facebook group where we can discuss/upload useful websites that we’ve found. One of my team members told me he had difficulty finding relevant articles online. He asked me, “How did you managed to find so many?” I replied, “With God’s help”. I remembered from James 1:5, God said, “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask of God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.” I always pray before I start my assignments (or studying in general) asking God to help me to make good use of my study time.

Today my group just completed part 1 of the assignment where we write up our answers based on the research that we’ve done about the old Leases. Even though we weren’t able to meet up before today’s assessment, I really thank God we were able to complete the task in 45 mins (despite missing one group member). Everyone was very co-operative and remembered the key points.

I also thank God for giving me a mentor from the Careers Mentor Link (CML) program that my uni has organised. He’s an auditor working in one of the Big 4 Accounting firms. Last Thursday I emailed him the research assignment questions to get some input from an experienced Accountant. I was delighted to hear back from him despite his busy work schedule. I look forward to meeting him at the official CML launch later this week.

That’s all from me for now. Time to prepare for my next assessment (and eat more dark chocolate)! In the meantime, if you have any prayer requests, feel free to get in touch! 😀

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