How Can I Break The Silence?


One of the main reasons why I felt God has led me to create my own blog is the urgency to bring Christ’s message to a dying world.

People without Christ are lost and on their way to hell. We know that we are commanded to love them and to tell them about Jesus. But we tend to sidestep our responsibility. We get into involved theological discussions on why God hasn’t elected everybody to salvation. And we argue for the moral necessity of hell for the wicked. However, the question each of us should be asking ourselves is, “What am I doing to reach the lost?”

Of course I’m not expecting each one of you to start your own blog (but if you feel that it’s God’s will then go ahead! Can’t wait to check it out! 🙂 )

My challenge to my readers today, ask yourself, “If everybody did as much as I am doing to reach the lost, how many people would be coming to know Christ?”

A hard question, but each of us must evaluate what we are doing to reach the world for Christ. We must break the silence and bring Christ’s message to a dying world.

Extract taken from RBC Ministries Discovery Series – How Can I Break The Silence?

Here’s the PDF version:



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