The Meaning of Easter

Easter long weekend is here! So what does Easter mean for you? To me it’s a great reminder that Jesus loves all these frail, doubting people, loves all these people just like me, and you. 🙂

If you have ever bought into the lie that you have to be perfect for Jesus to love you, or that you can’t have questions or doubts, or even be afraid for people to know that you’re a Christian, then this story of a man who shoulders the wood that killed him should end those.

Easter is about GRACE.

It’s about the fact that Jesus willing to die for us.

To die for people that would deny him, question him, doubt him, be angry at him, try to bury him, run from him.

That’s some crazy kind of love.

There will be those who don’t like this message, those who say, “But you have to do something to be saved, you have to live right.” I don’t believe that is the message of the cross.
I believe the message of the cross: ALL are welcome and JESUS has done it all.

His sacrifice, his act, his grace.
His bigness wrapped around our smallness.
His goodness overcoming all our darkness.
His arms carrying the weight of our mistakes so that we could unwrap the life he has for us.
His love touching all the places we thought were unlovable.

That is what love does.
Love offers itself in place of the one it loves. ❤

When Jesus hung on a cross to give us life, life and more life he knew exactly the type of people who is laying it all on the line for.
He knew because they were his friends, his companions, the ones with whom he chose to spend his last hours before his capture and the first after rising from the dead.

Jesus chose to give us life. All of us.
Those who give up?
People who no one notices?
Those with small faith?
Those who deny Jesus?

All welcome! All welcomed by the man who died on the cross and rose three days later so we could live with him forever. (*Gets Excited!!! :D)

This extract is taken from…/one-surprising-thing-i-re…

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